Walkthrough: Waterloo Elementary School: April 4th, 2019 (WWATES201900019A)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FWATES2019000F34 Housekeeping poor Room 117 Yes
FWATES2019000F33 Stain on tile Room 130 Yes
FWATES2019000F30 Frame is not supporting tile Room 131 No
FWATES2019000F2F Paint ireggularities Room 012 No
FWATES2019000F2E Room 140 Yes
FWATES2019000F2C Clean under left sink 3rd pod Yes
FWATES2019000F2B Room 138 Yes
FWATES2019000F29 Water spots on tiles 3rd pod Yes
FWATES2019000F27 2nd grade pod Yes
FWATES2019000F26 2nd grade pod Yes
FWATES2019000F25 2nd grade pod Yes
FWATES2019000F24 2nd grade pod Yes
FWATES2019000F23 Fuse box door in 127 is not closing properly or… 3rd pod No
FWATES2019000F1D Water stains on tiles Room 143 Yes
FWATES2019000F1B Outside of 051 hallway_116 Yes
FWATES2019000F1A hallway_124 Yes
FWATES2019000F19 hallway_124 Yes
FWATES2019000F17 Missing escheteoun plate, the stained ceiling… Media No
FWATES2019000F16 Media Yes
FWATES2019000F13 Sink needs cleaned Room 163 No
FWATES2019000F12 Returns dirty Room 061 Yes
FWATES2019000F10 Room 047 Yes
FWATES2019000F0E Returns dirty Room 047 Yes
FWATES2019000F0C Room 096 Yes
FWATES2019000F0B Paint irregularities on exterior wall Room 041 No