Finding: Hanover Hills Elementary School: Room 108 (FXHHES202300228E)

Finding Type
Excessive stuffed animals
The room is said to be used by a new HCPSS student program (Hanover Hills ES is the only school). Not sure how relevant these items may be to the program. A few area rugs and a bin(s) of stuffed animals were observed. Good idea to keep stuffed animals in bins with lids to keep them from collecting dust overtime and then producing an airborne allergen source when used. School administration is to inform staff to utilize the bins and seal the lid when toys are not used. Carpet squares are not recommended since not likely cleaned by staff and not the custodians' responsibility. Unless each is assigned to student (learned only three students are in the program) and replaced at end of the school year, they are to be removed.
Room 108
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