Concern: Centennial Lane Elementary School: November 14th, 2018 (CXCLES201800008D)

Classroom 135
Date of IEQ Report Form
Date of Report
February 8th, 2019
Possible mold growing on the lower back half of the kitchen play set in the dramatic play area of the classroom. The observation was found today when another table nearby was moved. The nearby table seemed to be unaffected.
IEQ Investigation Process

Identify deficiencies that may impact IEQ and/or sources of odor concerns. Typically includes the following depending on the nature of concern, but not limited to:

  • interview/questionnaire of concern individual(s)
  • inspection above drop ceiling (condition of roof deck, pipe insulation, return air plenum)
  • inspection of ventilation system (operation of variable air volume box and outdoor air dampers, check controls, measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, sources near outdoor air intake, measure return and supply air volume, cleanliness of coils, liner and condensate pan)
  • inspection of exterior
  • inspection below drop ceiling (housekeeping, sink and floor drain traps, signs of past and present moisture concern via visual and/or moisture meter, mold growth, ensure connection of current and capping of abandoned sanitary vents, odorizers, excessive plants and fabric items, identify potential pathways, and measure volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and lighting)

Date(s) of Assessment:  November 21, 2018

The impacted surface was cleaned / disinfected prior to this investigation and presently remains free of mold growth.

Rooms 135 and 136 (directly connects and shares the same ventilation unit) were inspected for mold growth.  No mold growth was observed on inspected surfaces.

The exterior wall and case work in Room 136 did not exhibit signs of moisture intrusion or concern.

The impacted backing of the kitchen play set appeared bowed.

A table with two troughs (for solid or liquid) sets behind the kitchen piece (likely limiting air flow which could increase the potential for mold growth).

Based on discussions with the teacher, the playset was not located near any water sources or exterior walls. Therefore, the cause of mold growth was likely this summers extreme humid/moist weather pattern.

Corrective Actions
November 21st, 2018

The Office of the Environment will monitor this area next summer.

Date Closed
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