A walkthrough is conducted any time personnel visit a school to conduct an assessment of the environment.

Tracking Number Facility Date
WXRBES2019000258 Running Brook Elementary School
WXCLES2019000257 Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXCLES2019000256 Centennial Lane Elementary School
WXXFES2019000255 Fulton Elementary School
WXTSES2019000253 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXTSES2019000252 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXTSES2019000251 Talbott Springs Elementary School
WXPVMS2019000250 Patuxent Valley Middle School
WXRBES201900024F Running Brook Elementary School
WXXRHS201900024D Reservoir High School
WXXRHS201900024C Reservoir High School
WXMHMS201900024B Murray Hill Middle School
WXDOES2019000249 Dayton Oaks Elementary School
WXXLES2019000247 Lisbon Elementary School
WXHCMS2019000245 Harper’s Choice Middle School
WXELMS2019000244 Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXBPES2019000242 Bushy Park Elementary School
WXXPMS2019000240 Patapsco Middle School
WXXGHS201900023F Glenelg High School
WXXGHS201900023D Glenelg High School
WXELMS201900023C Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXELMS201900023B Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXELMS201900023A Elkridge Landing Middle School
WXLRHS2019000239 Long Reach High School
WXBMMS2019000238 Burleigh Manor Middle School