Concern: River Hill High School: September 26th, 2018 (CXRHHS2018000056)

Fitness Lab/Weight Room
Date of IEQ Report Form
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The hallway, fitness lab, and weight room have no ventilation and/or air circulation. The equipment and tile flooring become very slippery and wet, especially in high humidity. Mold issues have previously been addressed by changing flooring in the fitness lab and placing a vented cover over a hole in the ceiling. A mildew smell is evident along with the moisture.
IEQ Investigation Process

Identify deficiencies that may impact IEQ and/or sources of odor concerns. Typically includes the following depending on the nature of concern, but not limited to:

  • interview/questionnaire of concern individual(s)
  • inspection above drop ceiling (condition of roof deck, pipe insulation, return air plenum)
  • inspection of ventilation system (operation of variable air volume box and outdoor air dampers, check controls, measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, sources near outdoor air intake, measure return and supply air volume, cleanliness of coils, liner and condensate pan)
  • inspection of exterior
  • inspection below drop ceiling (housekeeping, sink and floor drain traps, signs of past and present moisture concern via visual and/or moisture meter, mold growth, ensure connection of current and capping of abandoned sanitary vents, odorizers, excessive plants and fabric items, identify potential pathways, and measure volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and lighting)

Date(s) of Assessment: October 5, 2018

No air conditioning is provided to the area.

Relative humidity mold growth was observed on two leather weight belts. The weight belts appeared very old. Leather is a common material impacted by mold growth.

No other mold growth was identified within the weight room.

The cause of the mold growth was the susceptibility of the material impacted and the extremely moist/humid summer impacting the Mid-Atlantic.

An odor typical of a weight room was identified.

The lack of air conditioning and slippery floor were addressed in Green Building Energy Engineers, LLC Field Report dated October 13, 2015. The following items were identified:

  • No air conditioning is provided to the space.
  • A fan was being used to blow cool air from an air conditioned zone of the school to the weight room area.
  • Green Building Energy Enterprises, LLC hypothesized that the fan was causing condensation on the floor and recommended this practice be discontinued.
  • The Office of the Environment did not observe the use of a fan or slippery floor conditions during the assessment. 
  • Green Building Energy Engineers, LLC provided recommendations on adding air conditioning to the space.

Installing air conditioning (per the recommendations made by Green Building Energy Engineers, LLC) has been added to the deferred maintenance list. It is anticipated that adding air conditioning per these recommendations will reduce the potential for relative humidity mold impact and provided benefits associated with thermal comfort.

Corrective Actions
October 5th, 2018

The weight belts were discarded.

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