Concern: Running Brook Elementary School: September 18th, 2018 (CXRBES201800004B)

Kitchen and Portables 111 and 115
Date of IEQ Report Form
Date of Report
The school reported three separate issues on one IEQ concern form. Mold growth within the kitchen office, possible mold growth on the wall of Portable 111, and a non-specific item in portable 115. At the same time, the Office of Environment was responding to external report of an odor concern within Portable 111.
IEQ Investigation Process

Identify deficiencies that may impact IEQ and/or sources of odor concerns. Typically includes the following depending on the nature of concern, but not limited to:

  • interview/questionnaire of concern individual(s)
  • inspection above drop ceiling (condition of roof deck, pipe insulation, return air plenum)
  • inspection of ventilation system (operation of variable air volume box and outdoor air dampers, check controls, measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, sources near outdoor air intake, measure return and supply air volume, cleanliness of coils, liner and condensate pan)
  • inspection of exterior
  • inspection below drop ceiling (housekeeping, sink and floor drain traps, signs of past and present moisture concern via visual and/or moisture meter, mold growth, ensure connection of current and capping of abandoned sanitary vents, odorizers, excessive plants and fabric items, identify potential pathways, and measure volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and lighting)

Date(s) of Assessment:  September 21, 2018

Kitchen Office

Mold growth was observed by kitchen staff at the beginning of the school year.  Kitchen staff cleaned the visible mold.  The Office of Environment did a visual inspection of the kitchen office and found additional relative humidity mold growth on surfaces not previously cleaned.  The cause was due to the extended and excessive humid weather this summer, the kitchen area not capable of conditioning the air during the summer, and the kitchen office having a wall mounted air conditioning unit (warm humid air from kitchen area contacting cooled surfaces within the kitchen office).

Portable 111

Mold growth (<1 square foot) was observed on the exposed surface of drywall after the school removed a white board from the wall. The wall cavity was opened. Growth and moisture was not detected behind the impacted area and no obvious exterior damage was present.

No outstanding or musty odors were detected. 

An odor consistent with portables was detected. The odor detected is associated with this model of portable and is considered inherent (use, lack of outdoor air, wood roof deck, and fiberglass batt insulation likely play a role in the this odor).  The intensity of the inherent odor may vary between the same model portable.

The carpet was dry as determined with the use of a moisture probe.

The wall cavity was dry in examined areas with the use of a moisture meter (drywall setting).

One window had condensate, but was in between the window panes.

No mold growth was observed on inspected surfaces or behind the remaining white board.

Both thermostats were set to auto and set and reading 74 degrees.  Room temperature was 74.5 degrees and 52.4% relative humidity.

The condition above the drop ceiling was acceptable.

Two dry brown water stained ceiling tiles were observed.  One was within a storage closet.

The cleanliness of the ventilation units was acceptable.  The air filters rest against the coils.

One door was observed to be rusted out at the bottom.

Portable 115

Felt damp and muggy upon entering the portable.

No mold growth was observed on inspected surfaces.

The fan mode of the ventilation unit's thermostat was set to "on" instead of "auto" and conditioning mode to "auto" with cooling set point at 73 degrees.  The room temperature was 75 degrees and 67.7% relative humidity.

The metal supply air diffusers have some dirt streaks forming and the textured ceiling surrounding the diffusers has dirt accumulation / streaking.

Corrective Actions
September 21st, 2018

Kitchen - Kitchen and custodial staff were instructed and shown areas to clean/disinfect within the kitchen office.

September 21st, 2018

Portable 111 - The area of mold growth on the wall was removed and replaced with a plastic access panel.

September 21st, 2018

Portable 111 - Administration and custodial staff were informed of the two stained ceiling tiles.  The school was to submit work order to Building Services to address cause and change out ceiling tiles.

September 21st, 2018

Portable 115 -  The custodial staff was instructed to clean (vacuum and/or wet wipe) dirt streaking on supply diffusers and surrounding textured ceiling.  If they were not successful with the textured ceiling, the school was to notify Office of Environment or submit a work order to Building Services to paint the areas.

September 21st, 2018

Portable 115 - The fan setting on the thermostat was set back to "auto".

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