Concern: Manor Woods Elementary School: January 2nd, 2019 (CXMWES20190000A0)

Front Office, Staff Lounge, Workroom
Date of IEQ Report Form
Date of Report
January 14th, 2019
An individual is reporting a noxious odor in the front office, staff workroom, and staff lounge.
IEQ Investigation Process

Identify deficiencies that may impact IEQ and/or sources of odor concerns. Typically includes the following depending on the nature of concern, but not limited to:

  • interview/questionnaire of concern individual(s)
  • inspection above drop ceiling (condition of roof deck, pipe insulation, return air plenum)
  • inspection of ventilation system (operation of variable air volume box and outdoor air dampers, check controls, measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, sources near outdoor air intake, measure return and supply air volume, cleanliness of coils, liner and condensate pan)
  • inspection of exterior
  • inspection below drop ceiling (housekeeping, sink and floor drain traps, signs of past and present moisture concern via visual and/or moisture meter, mold growth, ensure connection of current and capping of abandoned sanitary vents, odorizers, excessive plants and fabric items, identify potential pathways, and measure volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and lighting)

Dates(s) of Assessment:  January 2, 7, and 11, 2019

A cheese like odor was detected upon entering the front office reception area and most notable near the door to the assistant principal's office. 

It was reported that a few containers of a milk based product were left on a fabric chair outside the assistant principal's office, over the winter break. The milk product fermented and the container ruptured.  The custodian found the container upon arrival on January 2, 2019.

The outdoor air dampers within the ventilation unit serving the administration area were closed, thus recirculating the odor. Additionally, no outdoor air was being supplied to assist with the dilution of the odor.

The liquid did not make contact with drywall.  However, the vinyl cove base was removed near the area (to air out any voids) as a precaution.

On subsequent visits after corrective actions and airing out, an aroma from an air freshener (setting on top of file cabinet outside of assistant principal's office) was detected.  However, the initial cheese like odor was not mixed in with the air freshener aroma.

Corrective Actions
January 2nd, 2019

School is to discard the fabric chair impacted.

January 2nd, 2019

Per work order 100104, Building Services evaluated the outdoor air dampers of roof top unit #7 and found a loose air line connection causing the dampers to stay closed.  In addition, the unit was programmed to operate additional time to assist with airing out the area.

January 2nd, 2019

Remove the air freshener from the school since they can mask odors of concern and may be an irritant / offensive to others.

January 2nd, 2019

School custodial staff stripped and waxed area of the floor.  In addition, they cleaned the underside of the nearby file cabinet as a precaution.

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