Concern: Howard High School: September 23rd, 2018 (CXHOHS2018000051)

Date of IEQ Report Form
Date of Report
An individual reported a "mold" odor in the hallway outside of A108. The individual is at the school each weekend with a non-HCPSS entity. A general health symptom was reported.
IEQ Investigation Process

Identify deficiencies that may impact IEQ and/or sources of odor concerns. Typically includes the following depending on the nature of concern, but not limited to:

  • interview/questionnaire of concern individual(s)
  • inspection above drop ceiling (condition of roof deck, pipe insulation, return air plenum)
  • inspection of ventilation system (operation of variable air volume box and outdoor air dampers, check controls, measurements of carbon dioxide, temperature and relative humidity, sources near outdoor air intake, measure return and supply air volume, cleanliness of coils, liner and condensate pan)
  • inspection of exterior
  • inspection below drop ceiling (housekeeping, sink and floor drain traps, signs of past and present moisture concern via visual and/or moisture meter, mold growth, ensure connection of current and capping of abandoned sanitary vents, odorizers, excessive plants and fabric items, identify potential pathways, and measure volatile organic compounds, carbon monoxide, and lighting)

Date(s) of Assessment: October 2 and 19, 2018

No mold growth was observed in the classroom.

No unusual odors were present at the time of the assessment.

No thermal anomalies indicative of moisture intrusion were observed in the classroom.

The adjoining mechanical room was assessed. No concerns were identified.

A stained ceiling tile was observed outside of A108.

Rust was observed on metal shelving below a window. The window did not appear to be leaking.

It was identified that the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system was not scheduled to be operational during the weekend.

Corrective Actions
October 4th, 2018

Building Services (HVAC) performed a precautionary cleaning of the RTU that services the space.

October 19th, 2018

Administration was directed to have Custodial Services replace the stained tile and place a work order regarding the cause of the staining.

October 25th, 2018

A work order was submitted for the rust below the window to be scraped and re-painted.

October 25th, 2018

The individual was informed that the non-HCPSS entity would need to make a request for Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning during their weekend activities through the Event Management System (EMS).

Date Closed
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